Employer Pass Discounts

You and your employer can save on commuting costs through the Transit Riders’ Incentive Plan or “TRIP.” More than 150 employers offer this valuable tax-free, tax deductible transit benefit to their employees. TRIP member employers save as much as $100 per employee on yearly payroll taxes. Likewise, employees are enjoying the pre-tax savings, discounted 31-day bus passes and lower costs to maintain their automobile through TRIP.

How TRIP Works

Through TRIP, employers pay at least $4 toward the cost of a Metro 31-Day Bus Pass; many pay more. KCATA matches the $4, so that the minimum employee discount is $8. And that’s just the beginning.

Employer Benefits

When you, as an employer, enroll in the TRIP program, you:

  • Save up to $100 per employee per year in payroll taxes. (Federal legislation allows employers to receive a tax deduction if you sponsor a transit benefit program such as TRIP.)
  • Improve employee recruitment and retention by offering employees discounts on already low-cost bus passes.
  • Enhance the benefits package you already offer, without increasing overall costs.
  • Help reduce employees’ commuting costs such as gasoline, maintenance and parking fees.
  • Show your support for creating sustainable communities.

To enroll in TRIP, contact us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or call (816) 346-0274. Our TRIP coordinator will answer your questions, and provide you with everything you need to get started. TRIP is a low-risk employee benefit that is simple to administer. employer pass discount

Employee Benefits

Employees will enjoy the savings and benefits immediately:

  • Your monthly pass will automatically cost you at least $8 less per month.
  • When you pay for your pass through payroll deduction, that amount is exempt from payroll taxes. The maximum tax-free discount is $230 per month.
  • Your commuting cost is lowered by at least *$650 a year.
  • Enjoy the convenience of buying your pass at work.

You are also eligible for the Guaranteed Ride Home program in case of daytime emergencies. If your employer is currently a TRIP member, signing up is easy. Just contact your Human Resources Dept. or the department designated to handle employee benefits. If your employer is not a TRIP member, have an HR representative or company decision-maker e-mail us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or call (816) 346-0274 to request information and further explanation of TRIP. *Based on AAA 2004 average cost per mile of 14.1 for gasoline, automobile maintenance and tires. Current average could be higher as a result of higher gasoline prices.