Day Pass, Three-Day Pass Good For Regional Travel

Posted on: Apr 30, 2015 - 01:27 PM  Effective: May 01, 2015

Good news for transit customers who use a Day Pass or Three-Day Pass.

Beginning May 1, these passes will be accepted to travel on local routes on The Metro, The JO, Unified Government (UG) Transit and IndeBus. In addition, UG Transit and the IndeBus will honor the Three-day Pass.

Day Pass

The Day Pass costs $3 and is available on board Metro, MAX and IndeBus routes. When customers purchase the pass directly from a Metro or IndeBus farebox for $3 cash; the pass is good until midnight on the date purchased.

The Day Pass will be valid on local service on all four transit agencies. This includes three local JO routes (556, 575, and 672), all UG Transit routes, and all six IndeBus routes. The Day Pass is not valid for commuter express routes on The JO or The Metro. To use the Day Pass on Metro, JO and IndeBus service, simply swipe the pass in the reader on top of the farebox. On UG Transit, just show the bus operator the pass.

Three-day Pass

The Three-day Pass can be used on all local Metro routes, MAX routes, UG Transit routes, and IndeBus routes. This pass costs $10 and is available online at or at the KCATA customer service lobby, 1200 E. 18th St. In order to use the Three-day Pass on Metro and IndeBus service, it must first be inserted into a Metro bus farebox for activation. After activation, simply slide the pass in the reader on top of the farebox. On UG Transit, show the bus operator the pass so he or she may check the effective dates. The Three-Day Pass is not valid on higher priced commuter express routes.

In April 2014, the four agencies agreed to accept The JO’s Standard Express Monthly Pass for universal pass acceptance.

For further information, contact the Regional Call Center at (816) 221-0660 weekdays 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.