Welcome to KCATA

the region’s largest public transportation provider

As a first-time, regular or an occasional Metro rider, you can easily access helpful instructions to plan your trip by bus. Our website is complete with schedules and maps on fixed-route, on-demand and rapid transit bus routes. In addition, there’s more to learn about KCATA whenever you need information on employment and business opportunities, future transit-oriented projects and the latest in transit news.

Kansas City Area Transportation Authority:

  • Serves seven counties
  • Operates more than 70 Metro routes
  • Averages 50,000 daily boardings


New Riders

Whether you are new to Kansas City or are just looking for an alternative to driving - this is the place to start. As a first-time Metro rider, you can easily access helpful instructions to plan your trip by bus.

We welcome the opportunity to help you get started.  Take a look at our “How-To-Ride” Video series to show you the ins and outs of riding The Metro.

Also, be sure to:

  • Plan ahead by referring to online schedules, using the online trip planner or by calling (816) 221-0660 before you head out.
  • Arrive at the bus stop at least five minutes early.
  • Look for Metro signs at the bus stop, Metro shelter, park-and-ride lot or transit center showing the route name and number.
  • Catch the right bus by viewing the overhead sign and a smaller sign in the bus’ lower right corner window.
  • Have your fare or pass ready as the bus approaches.
  • Wait for the bus the come to a complete stop before boarding and exiting.
  • Safely move about the bus using safety rails and watching for anything that may cause you to slip.
  • Observe interior signage for additional safety and courtesy tips.