AdVANtage Vanpool Program

The AdVANtage Program provides minivans and full-sized vans for commuting. A vanpool is a ride-sharing arrangement where a group of commuters ride to and from work on a regular basis. The driver typically pays no monthly fee and is allowed up to 500 personal-use and other non-commute miles per month. Riders pay an affordable, low monthly fare. AdVANtage is available in areas where The Metro does not offer bus service. Vehicle licensing, insurance, service maintenance and ALL commuting costs, such as gasoline, are covered by the AdVANtage.

If you’d like to apply to be a part of the program, please use the AdVANtage Vanpool form to get started. Mail the form to AdVANtage Vanpool, KCATA, 1350 East 17th Street, Kansas City, MO 64108. For more information please read more information below and see the Vanpool brochure [PDF] , which includes information about eligibility requirements. You may also contact The AdVANtage Vanpool Coordinator: phone (816) 346-0800, fax (816) 346-0305, e-mail address .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

The AdVantage Vanpool program is committed to providing accessible transportation and to providing equal access for all, preventing discrimination against persons with disabilities, including wheelchair users.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of vehicles are used? Minivans and full-sized vans are available. Vans are equipped with AM/FM stereo, heating and cooling, cruise control, power windows and door locks, slide doors and tilt steering wheel. Each van has a schedule for routing, service and maintenance.

How is gasoline and maintenance paid for? Direct costs for Maintenance and fuel costs are covered by the AdVANtage Vanpool program. Riders pay a monthly fee for their portion of the costs. There are no out-of-pocket expenses for the driver. The AdVANtage Vanpool provides insurance coverage for the driver of the van and all authorized passengers of the van.

What does it cost to ride? Monthly fees vary by distance and vehicle occupancy; the more vanpool members and the shorter the trip, the lower the fare. A minimum of six riders is required. Ideally, the driver pays no fare and is allowed up to 500 personal use and non-commute miles of the van per month before reimbursing the KCATA is required.

Is there a security deposit required? Security deposits of $50.00 will be required from each vanpool participant including the driver.

Is a contract required from program participants? Each driver, backup driver and rider will sign an agreement regarding policy and procedures.

What is the Guaranteed Ride Home Program? The AdVANtage Vanpool will arrange for alternative transportation home in the event of a personal emergency, either by taxi or a rental car. The expense will be covered by the AdVANtage Office.

Is driver training required? Drivers and backup drivers are required to successfully complete a safety and administrative procedures course annually.