Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)

Complementary Paratransit

The Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) requires that all public bus systems provide Complementary Paratransit service for disabled persons who cannot independently use the bus service because of a disability. The service acts as a "complement" to the bus service. In Kansas City, the primary agency providing this service is Share-A-Fare. Complementary Paratransit service operates door-to-door. It is provided by vans or cabs in the Metro ADA service area. Generally, the ADA established service area extends three-quarters or 0.75 of a mile on each side of regular bus route service. Complementary paratransit service is available on those days and during those times when trips are provided on regular Metro routes. The fare charged for eligible trips is no more than twice the comparable full adult bus fare. To take advantage of complementary paratransit service, you must be certified as ADA Eligible. Other agencies than Share-A-Fare providing ADA Complementary Paratransit service in the metro area are:

For more information call the Share-A-Fare office at (816) 346-0810.

Share-A-Fare and Complementary Paratransit Applications

All prospective participants must complete an application to be admitted to either the Complementary Paratransit service or the Share-A-Fare Only service. Share-A-Fare Only participants have higher fares and more program limitations than do the Complementary Paratransit participants. Applications are available from the Share-A-Fare office: Share-A-Fare 1200 East 18th Street Kansas City, Mo. 64108 (816) 346-0810 Applications are also available at some hospital social service departments, from medical social workers, and by calling the Share-A-Fare office at (816) 346-0810. All applicants with a disability must have a physician or qualifying agency assess and then attest to the nature of the disability. If not applying for Complementary Paratransit, proof of age and income will be required.