Working at KCATA

Are you interested in working for KCATA? If yes, then you've come to the right place. We offer opportunities for career advancement, a competitive benefits package and a great work atmosphere.

Job Vacancies

Job listings for the KCATA.

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Next Steps - How to work for KCATA

We'll walk you through the hiring process for Bus Operators (Drivers), Mechanics and Serviceworkers, step-by-step. 

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Drug-Free Workplace

The KCATA is a Drug-Free Workplace and prohibits use of illicit substances.

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Career spotlight: Mechanic & Maintenance Positions

KCATA is looking for skilled mechanics, as well as entry-level serviceworkers. Join our team. 

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Career spotlight: Bus Operator (Driver)

Bus operators are the driving force of RideKC. Learn about the requirements and hiring process and get ready to drive for Kansas City.

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Benefits of Being a KCATA Employee

Job benefits of working at the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority.

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