Benefits of Being a KCATA Employee

Bus operator in front of bus, smiling and ready to work.

Working at the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority has its benefits!  

We take pride in ensuring our employees have a safe, fulfilling workplace and career that affords a livable wage and long-term savings opportunities for quality of life. We also take steps to provide a healthy work environment and lifestyle opportunities. Both full-time and part-time employees have benefit opportunities. Some of the benefits we offer are listed below. Join us!

Full-Time & Part-Time Benefits to eligible employees:   
Employees are eligible for benefits after training period plus 350 hours.

Full-Time Benefits (Optional) to eligible employees:

Employee Perks

*May be eligible for part-time benefits. Part-time employee benefits and eligibility is limited.

The above description of benefits is as of 2019 and is meant to provide a general overview of benefits available. This does not represent a binding commitment of offerings. Benefits are subject to change with or without website posting. Firm benefits will be detailed at time of hire.