Next Steps - How to work for KCATA

Bus driver at the wheel.

Bus Operators (Drivers), Mechanics and Serviceworkers (Maintenance & Facilities)

STEP 1.  Submit your APPLICATION online

Online Application – CLICK HERE

The application includes:

  1. Work history
  2. Education
  3. Brief position overview questions
  4. An online assessment

If you fill out the application completely, there is no need for a resume.
All the information in the application is what we need.

**Reminder, you must be age 21 for a CDL.

STEP 2. INTERVIEW & Position Eligibility Testing

Only eligible candidates will be contacted for an interview. 
Interviews will typically take place at KCATA / RideKC Headquarters (1200 E. 18th Street, Kansas City, MO 64108 at 18th & Forest). 
Getting here: Guest parking is in front of the building OR RideKC 18 Indiana will drop you off right in front. RideKC routes 23rd Street, 25 Troost and 71 Prospect are also close to KCATA.
Plan on 1 1/2 hours. The interview includes:

STEP 3. Employee Verification & Preparation (Background Check, Drug Test & Physical)

Only eligible candidates will be contacted for employee verification process.
At KCATA direction, you will need to complete and pass the following successfully. (KCATA initiates and pays for these verifications and tests):

  1. Department of Motor Vehicle Check / Verification
  2. Criminal Background Check
  3. Department of Transportation (DOT) Certification: Physical Exam and Drug Screening
  4. Employment and Education Verification 

STEP 4. Obtain a Commercial Driver License (CDL) including a Learners Permit (A or B based on position)   

Any job offer for these positions will be contingent on your ability to obtain a CDL permit or certification BEFORE TRAINING BEGINS.

CDL Training Guide can be obtained at any Highway Patrol testing station or at

You will need to pass three CDL sections: General Knowledge, No Air Brake Restriction and Passenger Endorsement.

Obtain permit at the DMV and bring permit to KCATA.

**If you already have your CDL permit or certification with these three sections, you can skip step 4.


Only eligible candidates will be offered a job with KCATA. All new employees are required to complete training with KCATA / RideKC.

All new employees will spend their first day at KCATA / RideKC Headquarters in new-hire orientation.

Mechanics and Serviceworkers: all new hires will be required to complete 44 day probation and training within their departments and skip Step #6 and #7.


Bus Operators (Drivers): will be required to complete and pass a five-week training course with up to 240 hours of classroom instruction, CDL training and behind-the-wheel training.  KCATA Bus Operator (Driver) Training is a mixed program of classroom learning and driving taught by our experienced training staff.

STEP 7. CONGRATULATIONS! Begin connecting the people of Kansas City!

Congratulations! After the KCATA Training Graduation, you will become a Professional KCATA Bus Operator (Driver).

Route Assignments and Selection begin! Some start driving the day of graduation.

Full-Time hours will vary by seniority and transit vehicle the first 1-2 years. (see Bus Operator job requirements)

Welcome to the KCATA / RideKC family. Some of our Bus Operators have been driving with us for over 25 years! We hope you will be one of them.