New Ride KC Blog Provides Forum for Transit News

Posted on: Jul 01, 2015

(Kansas City, Mo. – July 1, 2015) As the region embarks on a new initiative to build a seamless transit network, the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority wants to keep everyone up to speed about the latest transit developments with a new blog.

The blog, posted on the RideKC regional transit website, will feature the latest news in the ongoing effort to give residents across the Kansas City area access to economic opportunity with public transportation. You can read the blog at [url=][/url].

In the coming months, the blog will chronicle efforts to better connect transit to jobs, create a single bus fare structure for the region and make transit services easier to use for riders with disabilities. It will report developments about Kansas City’s new streetcar.

The blog also will open doors to our agency, providing details about our ridership and what the agency is doing to enhance the safety of our drivers and passengers, among other things. Readers also will get a taste of who uses the transit network and what routes connect riders to their favorite destinations.

It will give readers a sense of what’s happening nationally in transit – such as efforts to pass a new transportation bill in Congress – and explain what that means to our region.

So, read along with us, link to us and share us on social media. We hope this is the first place you will come to find what’s happening with transit in Kansas City.