UG Launches Flexible, On-Demand Transportation Service to Improve Connectivity and Community Access

Posted on: Feb 26, 2024

Kansas City, KS – The Unified Government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, KS (UG) Transportation Department has launched an innovative new microtransit and paratransit service to provide passengers with more efficient, responsive public transportation in our community. The IRIS application, provided by RideCo, is a cloud-based service that enables riders to improve their overall experience in planning, reserving, and paying for their rides in a single application. Both services operate under the RideKC brand.

Paratransit is an auxiliary service that provides an equitable origin-to-destination alternative to fixed-route public transportation services. Eligibility is determined by a person’s functional inability to travel to or from a bus stop, get on or off a ramp-equipped bus, or safely travel to and from a destination due to a disability. Microtransit is an on-demand shuttle service that operates within specified zones, connecting fixed route transit lines to large employers and other key destinations in Wyandotte County and is available to any community member.

“IRIS allows us to improve performance and service, identify driver trends, increase shared rides, and ensure on-time performance,” said Transportation Director Deasiray Bush. “We are encouraged by the initial feedback on the quality of these services as more equitable transportation options in our community.”

With the IRIS app, riders can now request same-day service for rides with either paratransit or microtransit services. Paratransit services are available throughout Wyandotte County. Microtransit services have been launched in Midtown KCK and Southwest Edwardsville with plans to introduce an additional service area in the Northeast/Fairfax area later this year.

“Teaming up with the Unified Government, we're enthusiastic about our role in modernizing the paratransit service," stated Prem Gururajan, Co-Founder and CEO of RideCo. "Our partnership ensures riders receive the high-quality service they've come to expect, now with the added convenience of on-demand accessibility. RideCo's cutting-edge technology has streamlined operations behind the scenes, enhancing overall efficiency.”

Microtransit services are $3.00/ride and can be paid through the IRIS mobile application, IRIS booking website, or by calling UG Transportation Dispatch at 913-573-8351. Riders can apply to be pre-qualified for paratransit service by calling 816-842-9070 or submitting the online form to the UG Transportation Department and KCATA. Paratransit services are currently FREE. More information about both services can be found

About UG Transportation: The Unified Government Transportation Department offers multimodal transit services such as fixed routes, microtransit services, and paratransit. We operate under the RideKC regional brand as we collaborate and contract with the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority (KCATA) for additional services and coordinate with other regional transit providers to make the transit experience user-friendly for everyone.

About Ride Co.: RideCo is the leader in rider-centric on-demand transit technology, with the most adopted cloud-based paratransit and microtransit solution among the 10 largest cities in the United States. Trusted by agencies, as well as fleet operators and technology companies, the platform powers the largest on-demand transit services in North America including Los Angeles and Philadelphia. Houston and San Antonio have also adopted RideCo’s transformative software, rooted in proprietary continuous optimization technology, and supported by the industry’s best customer service, including a 95% plus retention rate.