New 31-Day Bus Pass Available Soon

Posted on: Mar 12, 2014

(Kansas City, Mo. – March 12, 2014) Beginning last fall, the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority (KCATA) introduced a 31-Day Bus Pass as a pilot. KCATA is pleased to announce full implementation of the new pass beginning March 25. 

The new 31-Day Pass replaces the current calendar-based Monthly Bus Pass. It is available at all Metro pass outlets and online. Customers will have the flexibility to buy the pass when it’s convenient and use the pass when it best suits their schedules. They can start using their pass as soon as they purchase it, or wait until they need to use it.

 The 31-Day Pass is good for unlimited rides for 31 consecutive days. It is available in three denominations: 

The pass is easy to use. For the first use, the customer activates the pass by inserting it in the top slot of the farebox on Metro and MAX buses. The farebox imprints the first use and expiration dates on the back. Once the pass has been activated, the customer simply swipes the pass in the farebox reader until the pass expires. 

“Feedback for the new pass has been very positive,” Director of Communications Cindy Baker said. “Customers are excited about this more flexible option that gives them more control over paying their fare. For example, if the month begins on a weekend and the customer only rides on weekdays, she can wait to activate that pass on the first weekday of the month and extend the value of her pass.” 

Metro passes are available at more than 30 area locations and online at  Visit for a full list of pass outlets.