Light Rail

In 2008, voters defeated a proposal to fund a light rail line from Vivion Road and North Oak Trafficway to Bruce R. Watkins Roadway and 63rd Street. KCATA is completing Phase II of the Alternative Analysis, which will be available on this website when finalized. Below is information about the project and light rail planning in Kansas City.

Final Land Use Summary

The Final Land Use Report [PDF format] analyzes conditions and current plans and policies affecting development patterns within the proposed transit corridor. The report discussed the proposed route in relation to the federal government’s New Starts criteria. The report also includes recommendations based on both this land use analysis and the real estate market analysis, which assesses the future development potential within several market areas. The project study area is an approximate 12-mile transit corridor between the intersection of I-29 with North Oak Trafficway and US-169 in the northern portion of Kansas City, Missouri to the intersection of 63rd Street and Bruce R. Watkins Drive. The corridor includes the Kansas City metropolitan region’s most concentrated employment and residential areas and many of the region’s significant institutional and cultural attractions.

Assessment of Proposed Light Rail Corridor

This technical memorandum [PDF format] provides a land use assessment for the proposed Kansas City 14-mile light rail corridor. When preparing funding recommendations to Congress, the Federal Transit Administration undertakes a formal evaluation of all projects applying for New Starts funding. This technical memorandum explains the conclusions of a land use assessment. It includes a summary and slide show of the findings. The assessment is based on the FTA land use evaluation process and breaks the alignment into eleven discrete Market Areas. In their current conditions, none of the market areas provide a strong case for benefiting greatly from, or supporting, a light rail line. However, many of the market areas are in flux, or could be redeveloped to become more transit oriented.

North/South Corridor Alternative Analysis Report (Draft)

The North/South Corridor runs from Vivion Road in the Northland to Meyer Boulevard in the south and encompasses many of the region’s most important traffic generators. The Alternatives Analysis is intended to provide decision-makers with the information they require to assess a major investment in transit. North South Corridor DRAFT Alternatives Analysis Report (PDF files) - Chapters 1-2 - Chapter 3 - Chapter 4 - Chapter 5 - Chapter 6 - Chapters 7-11

Next Steps for Light Rail in Kansas City

The results of the Alternatives Analysis will serve to inform the ongoing efforts being led by MARC to develop a long-term regional transit solution.

Video Simulation

A video shows what light rail in Kansas City may have looked like, including the line proposed in the November 2008 election. The video includes stations and light rail vehicles.