North Oak Study

North Oak Study

Connecting the Northland

The North Oak Corridor Transit Study will provide recommendations on how transit services can better serve the North Oak Corridor and surrounding neighborhoods from downtown Kansas City, through North Kansas City and Gladstone. The study team will engage the Northland community to determine transit access needs and services along the North Oak Corridor to make improvements for increasing mobility.

Study Purpose 

The study will consider the feasibility of a MAX-level transit investment in the corridor. MAX is RideKC’s Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) service that includes high service levels, increased rider amenities, and rail-like stations.  The study will build on existing plans and policies to further land use and corridor development recommendations that would support a significant transit investment in the corridor. 

Study Progress

The study team developed three preliminary alternatives (as shown on the map) for fast and frequent service in the corridor. Preliminary alternatives are based on existing ridership and travel characteristics, corridor character, economic development potential, locally expressed desire, transit potential, cost and stakeholder input. 


North Oak Study Fact Sheet

Project Schedule

Alignment Alternatives

North Oak Alignment as of June 2019
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