RideKC Next

RideKC Next

The RideKC Next project is a comprehensive review and redesign of transit service focused on Kansas City, Mo. (KCMO), conducted by the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority (KCATA) as part of our mission to connect people with opportunities.

What’s in the Draft Network?

Same amount of service, but a higher priority on expanding ridership.

A frequent grid, seven days a week, to connect more people to opportunity.

A simpler, easier and more efficient network.

Retaining options for those who need transit the most.

Draft Network Plan 

Existing vs. Proposed Network maps, big picture [PDF, 1.3 MB]

Existing vs. Proposed Network maps, by area [PDF, 2.3 MB]

Full Draft Plan: 

RideKC Next Overview

Phase 1: Review of Existing Transit Services and Initial Public Outreach

RideKC Next reviewed the purpose and performance of all existing transit services in KCMO. This includes: an analysis of transit operations, consideration of new mobility options, identification of key choices, and public engagement and outreach, including an online survey, now closed.

Information gathered throughout the process helped to guide the design of an updated transit service and network plan that more accurately reflects the values of Kansas City, Mo. communities. See the Choices Report at RideKCNext.org. 

Phase 2: Draft Final Plan 
Based on what we heard from the public in our transit choices survey, we have prepared a draft plan before any updates or changes are finalized. The Draft Plan available for the public to read here.

We want to hear from you about key issues presented in the Draft Plan, such as - the balance between ridership vs. coverage, the purpose of coverage, and the priorities for improvement to the transit network. Take the Draft Plan Survey and tell us what you think about the proposed changes: Survey in EnglishSurvey in Spanish

Phase 3: Final Plan

Due to the business disruption from COVID-19, the RideKC Next timeline will be revised. Stay tuned to this page for updates about the final plan and timeline.

In late March, the KCATA will summarize the results of the public’s response to the draft plan and report back to the KCATA Board of Commissioners. The KCATA may adjust the Final plan based upon the public reaction and the policy direction. Because this plan is focused on the network that operates in KCMO, final approval may have to come from the KCMO Mayor and City Council.

RideKC Next Draft Plan system map 
Click the map to view a larger version. [3 MB]


See RideKCNext.org for more details.